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Dual Thrust Trading Methodology
Futures Truth Co. has ranked the Dual Thrust trading system the # 1 rated multi-market trading system
The Dual Thrust trading methodology can be characterized as a volatility based stop and reversal system that is purely mechanical, without human intervention or discretion. The strategy works on a variety of the global futures markets looking to capture technical price breakouts or breakdowns in the short to medium term horizon. The developer applies this methodology to the energies, currencies, metals, bonds, and stock index futures. The objective is to capture the moves of the aforementioned markets as they trend higher or lower or as they breakout from technical areas. The system has the ability to capture large trends as it is always in the market, either long or short. Protective stops are used to limit losses. The factors considered for trading are based on stop and reversal methods. Fundamental analysis, news or other media based information is not used. The system looks to take advantage of prices swings as markets trend. When a position is established the system sets reversal modes (to cover shorts or to exit longs) as prices move and lets profits run to a point where a reversal in the trend/volatility can be expected. The simplicity of Dual Thrust’s strategy lends itself to be a robust trading system unparalleled by many other volatility breakout systems. Dual Thrust has an unusually long track record of flourishing in trending markets. The strategy is 100% automated and employs no discretionary factors. Technical considerations include price trends, market patterns and volatility. The objective is to generate absolute returns, regardless of broader market conditions. The developer continues to test Dual Thrust’s ability to perform in a broader range of markets.